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[view] 민심 더 싸늘해지는데…감동 없는 김기현 2기

10·11 서울 강서구청장 보궐선거 참패로 예고된 대로 집권여당과 용산에 대한 민심이 일주일도 안 돼 싸늘해졌다. 특히 수도권 민심 이탈이 심각했다. 16일 공개된 정치 고관여층이

British MP hopes for enhanced UK

Adam Afriyie, a UK member of Parliament, hopes to see UK-Korean trade and economic ties advance to t

BTS agency likely to face tougher disclosure rules

Hybe, the K-pop powerhouse behind the mega success of bands such as BTS and New Jeans, could be obli

Manpower Korea’s unique approach to reference checks

Manpower Korea, the global workforce solutions provider with over two decades of experience, offers

Hamas weapons, tactics resemble those of NK: JCS

The South Korean military has assessed that the fighting doctrine and tactics utilized by Hamas migh

Auteur Chung Ji

South Korean auteur Chung Ji-young returns for the first time in four years with the crime flick “Th

‘Do you know Dr. Hong?’ Moms say they wish they didn’t

Breaking the internet in Korea with its catchy, electronic beats and amusing choreography, “Do you k

S. Korea’s consumer sentiment turns sour in September: BOK index

South Korean consumers turned pessimistic about overall economic conditions in September for the fir

Seoul subway workers vote for strike plan

The possibility of a strike became reality, as a majority of Seoul Metro union members voted for a g

Seoul prepares for first major military parade in ten years

For the first time in a decade, Seoul citizens will witness a large-scale military parade, with tank
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